Judging Criteria


The 2015 AMCF Spotlight Awards will be assessed by an independent Panel of Judges drawn from academia, media, and the public/private sectors. The project must have been completed within 18 months of the submission date. The panel will judge projects through a rigorous process according to the following criteria:


Selection Criteria

What Panel of Judges will look for:

Commitment to High Quality and Professionalism

· Clearly defined project objectives

· Independence and objectivity of consulting team

· Effective project governance and management of delivery


Quality of Client Relationship

· Extent to which client requirements are fully understood

· Supporting, developing, and working with  stakeholders to

achieve objectives

· Communication with client was clear and transparent

[This does not apply to the Internal Initiative category]

Application of Management Skills and Knowledge

· Extent to which consulting teams have used specialist knowledge

to help clients make more informed decisions

· Extent to which the consulting team’s approach helped the client

achieve the objectives of the project more quickly and with

greater success

· Extent to which the skills of individual consultants have helped

improve the capabilities and work of the client team members

Achievement of Measurable and Qualitative Results

· Quantitative results achieved (e.g. improvements to bottom

line, return on investment, increase in efficiency, staff and

customer retention, social and economic changes)

· Qualitative results achieved (e.g. cultural change, improved

staff morale, relationships with suppliers, effect on present and

future customers, long-term future effect on profitability,

improved decision making)

· The significance and value of the results to the client’s business

and an explanation of the result in relative terms,(e.g.

comparison with external benchmarks)

Clarity of Language

· Use of plain English; avoidance of technical/specialist jargon

· Engaging, easily understood

Excellence of Presentation
(for Finalist interviews)

· Use of plain English; avoidance of technical/specialist jargon

· Engaging, easily understood




For additional sponsorship information contact:

Sally Caputo



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